Customer Testimonials

Pleasing our customers with professional design

“Thank you for all of your help with our flooring, carpets and paint colors. We adore working with you because you have an amazing sense of color and possibility. You also have a great sense of humor, which is elemental when dealing with us.”Mary Jane S.
“Elaine is a wonderful interior designer. Initially hired for a house design makeover, she took the time to get to know us, our tastes and interests. As a result, her recommendations were spot on. And we were spared the overwhelming task of finding and selecting paint, fabrics, flooring, counters, cabinetry, lighting, etc. from hundreds of options. Elaine narrowed them to a manageable 3-5 per category, any one of which would have worked
beautifully. She’s truly a find.” Kathleen N
“Elaine is a wonderfully creative and attentive designer, and an absolute joy to work with. I have hired Elaine for multiple projects. From floor plans to color schemes, she always comes up with a range of concepts, all of which incorporate my input in different ways, and all of which are invariably gorgeous. She is excellent at working within a range of budgets, advising on
process (for larger projects), and has fabulous suggestions for details.” Jennifer K.
“I hired Elaine initially as an interior designer to help us design our study. Elaine was able to take our requirements, thoughts and ideas and produce amazing results. She designed built-in bookcases, desks and file cabinets, and picked paint colors and blinds. I just love being in the study now. After being so pleased with the results of the study, I hired Elaine to help us decorate/design our basement. This was a much bigger job, but again Elaine was able to help us with layout, colors, accessories, furniture, etc. I just love my basement. I hired Elaine a third time for our deck, and again great results. The rooms that Elaine has helped us with are my favorite rooms to be in, in our house. Elaine is knowledgeable about what she does, able to sketch her ideas, has incredible color intuition, is organized, responsive and helpful. I can’t say enough good things about Elaine.” Dina B.
“When we moved back to the Balt/Wash Area in 2003 we heard about Elaine’s work and hired her to help us modernize a house that was hopelessly stuck in the 1960’s. After discussing with her some general concepts that we envisioned, she developed an interior design plan that exceeded our expectations at a cost that was right in line with what we hoped to spend. Although it was not a huge job, we were pleasantly surprised at the level of attention that she paid to all of the details. The overall results were terrific! Eight years later, we’re still getting comments from visitors on how attractive and up-to-date the interior of our house looks. We wholeheartedly recommend
Elaine’s work!”  Bruce G.
“Elaine worked with us to design/decorate our new home. She is creative, a good listener, great to work with!” Anjali M.
“Elaine is creative, thorough, professional and capable of handling a huge workload with grace. I have known Elaine for over 25 years and worked with
her in various capacities, and always with terrific results.” Barbara L.
“I have used Elaine Buderer at our old home and now at our new one. I always have ideas of my own before Elaine has gotten into the picture, but she helps
me tweak them so that the final product is much better than if I had done it without her expertise. She is a joy to work with.”  Anna N.